How to delete Gmail account permanently in android phone

if youare finding a way to delete the account permanently in android phone so here Iam going to guide you on how to deactivate the Gmail account permanently in theandroid phone.

If you are thinking to delete your Gmail account so make sure to collect your personal data in Gmail account then go to delete your Gmail account.

Steps of deleting your Gmail account in android phone. your Gmail account in android phone. can see 3 lines in left side corner click on that so you get your next option as you can see in 3rd steps

3.scroll up and at the last, you get help &feedbackoption click on that.

4.after that you get two options

First, you get describe your issues(so here you can search your issues

Second, you get popular articles(in which you can see delete your Google account ) just go through delete your Google account.

After that where you can get some steps in which you have to choose 3rd step as you can go to click on that it is redirected to Gmail account .if you not logging so please logging your Gmail id

6. now you can see there 3 options

1.home 2.personal info &personalization

Now here you have to choose data &personalization

7.after 6 steps you to just scroll down where you can find delete service or your account. click on that after that…

Now here you can find 2 options delete a google serviceand delete your google account, choose to delete your google account and scroll down as you can see in image after that give yes in two options and click delete account.

conclusion:-so friends i think now you are clearly know about how can delete gmail account in android phone but if you are stuck some where so feel free to comment section.

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