(4+) way to take screenshot in windows 10 step by step guide 2020

When we are working at our pc so sometimes we have to require to screenshot in pc. but we can’t able to take screenshot without knowing them.so if you are way to finding take screenshot in win10 so you are at right path.

In daily life people are using windows laptop which is built by lenov,dell,hp company in which there are lots of function are available  but we don’t know about that so here we are going to guide you easy way to take screenshot on windows10. So read this article at the last so you can get idea about that.

How to take screenshot in win 10.

1. windows+prtsc

windows+prtsc is one shortcut key on keyboard for taking screenshot.when you press this button its take automatically screenshot with blinking dim light.pressing this shortcut key you can take screenshot of any pages.all this screenshot images will be saved in picture from.

2. Snipping tool

there are two methods by using this methods you can open snipping tool.

Windows 10:-select the start button after that youcan see search bar option right snipping tool select from that and click right buttonin your mouse and pin to taskbar. Same you can do in windows8.1

Windows7:- Select the Start button, then type snipping tool in the search bar and then select snipping tool from them.

3. lightshot

This is also one the best screen shot software which hasless MB so you can download easily. This software will not taking so much spaceyour hardware. So if you want to use this software you have to first downloadit and install in your pc.so here I am going to give link on that software soyou can download to easily.

Now how to use this app?

Open that page that you want to take screen short and just click on software so its asking selected area so we have to select the area and press save button. Apart from screenshot you can also do some extra thing by using lightshot in which you can share you screen short in social media, change color ,text.pen ,line ,arrow in images.

You can also directly enable this tool clicking on prtsckey and take screen short.

4. Alt+prtsc

it might be possible that windows +prtsc function is not work. so instead of (windows +prtsc) can use alt+prtsc.

Conclusion:-so now we are sure you don’t get stuck to take a screenshot on windows 10 because may people don’t know about this method that we have share in this article. so dear reader if you getting some benefit from this article please share with your friends and also do not forget to comment in you are get any difficulty in this method.

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