How to Reopen a closed tab in Google chrome step by step 2020

Sometimes we are working on internet at moments we are required browser. now days mostly people are using chrome browser which is come with lots of chrome has unique feature in which you can reopen a closed tab.

how to reopen a closed tab in Google chrome by using different methods.

Go to History

open google chrome firstly where right side corner you can see three on that you get history option choose that in which you get recently closed this is first method to reopen a closed tab.

Using keyboard method

one of unique and shortcut key is ctrl+shit+t by pressing them you can reopen closed tab easily within second.

press ctrl+shit+t multiple times so you can again get your closed tab that you had closed.

chrome after restart.

After restart chrome browser we have twooptions in which we can open close tabs. Firstly you can use shortcut key as Imention early in the paragraph which is shortcut key.

Google chrome has been provided us setting in chrome go to setting option as you can see in images. Chose on startup option>continue where you left off chose this option now if you browser will be crashed you don’t need to worry.


we are hoping that you getting all idea about this article.use all this method to close tab if you getting any problem you can comment below don’t forget to share this Article.

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