How to delete reddit account forever in 2020 effectively

if you are not interested to use anymore Reddit account.if you want to looking about how to delete reddit account easy and step by step so you are at the right place.deleting anything is easy but knowing of step is some time bit difficulty so without wasting so much time we started out steps here.

What is Reddit used for?

Reddit is online medium just like other social media.user base of reddit is also more and here people are posting article,news and video.many people are asking question here and people give answer its just like social media application.

How to delete reddit account permanently in 2020

once we delete any account we are unable to get same formula applicable here also once we delete reddit account we cant able to get reddit if you are deleting your account here your data reaming if you do not want keep data here delete all data first then switch to delete you account.

How to delete post on reddit.

1. Open reddit account.

2. go to on profile

3. Click the my profile

4. When you open your profile you can see you post

5 clicks on 3 dots of any post and chose delete option

6. it’s done.

It’s not compulsory to delete your post. Its depend on you and here you have to repeat same in every post for deleting.because deleting reddit account will not delete your content..

How to delete reddit account

1. Open reddit account (you can click here to go on reddit account)

2. You can see at the right corner side where menu button is available from select user setting

3. Scroll down click on deactivate account

4. Conform your username and password

5. Check I understand that deactivated accounts are not recoverable option.

6. Click deactivate button and you have done.

This is basic six steps you have to do and you reddit account will no longer available for you. Now you can’t access your account. if you want to use again reddit Then You have to make again account on reddit.


So this is end of this article deleting reddit account permanently it’s not take so much time. You have to just follow some step for that as same like you can delete your post also but some little difference.

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