(5+)best popular statistics software and tools in 2020

Data is very important for any organization or company because it takes us to the path of success. we required proper analysis of data which is connected to the customer and  organization . It’s show that what is need of the customer through data analysis so can organization give their best.

now a days lots of statistics software and tools available which help to  organization  where they can do proper interpreting data, analyzing. which is making our task very easy. so this article going to tell you all about this popular software. so lets get started. 

list of best top  5 statistics  software and tools

so let’s stated  with some best statistics software which can do work easier.


If you know about programming so this is the best choice for you. Matlab contain great feature like mathematical calculation,data analysis,data interpreting who make our work easier.this Matlab software mostly used by engineer and scientists.

2.Max stat

Max stat has good interface and attractive which is for beginner to use them.this is suitable for student and researchers who looking  data analyzing. this is software run on basic three step with a single dialog box. here you can create  30 digit graph style like box whisker, scattershot, regression lines and may more.

3.Minitab 18

Minitab is also one is best tool  who will be helpful for statistics  and analysis calculation apart from, it’s easy to use. its comes with cool features and company have been using since long this software. It increases your productivity, enhance quality, boost customer satisfaction, increase effectiveness. If you have excel file so you can bring in this mini 18 software. 

4. Acastat

Acastat also good and pretty software that give you calculation about your statistics problem. you can use this tool on both platforms like windows and mac. its come with different feature like import/export delimited files, data tab, may more feature. Its give you cool feature where you can drag and drop  data from  files. moreover, this software is helpful for cross tabulations, descriptive statistics, correlations, OLS and logistic regression, t-tests. it is easy to use for data analysis


This is last tool is our list, which is open source software means  you can download free of cost and is based on Java so it easily fit with Java supporting system. talking about statics feature it come with Data mining, Web mining, graphs and many more. you can use hundreds of statistical  procedures to analyze your data.

Growth of any business and organization first we need properly data integration and data analysis. so this is some best  software  by using this you can analyze data and analysis different stakes operation. so just comment below  which software are you  going to install.

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