(+7) Top best parental control apps for modern mother in 2020

In busy world we don’t have so much time to keep an eye on your child’s and caring of them. But  smart phone is good option for us for parenting because there are so many parenting apps  for android is available in market  by using them we can track all activity of children .so we tankful  to those person who has developed  this all app. Because this app is best for your child to tracking all the activity they doing.

So this app work for your children for protecting various bad activity.so by using parenting apps  you don’t  need worry about growth of child because this app work  best for your children brain and developing more skill. There are lots of apps are available for parenting  but as our title is Best parenting apps  for android so its mean we have responsibility to provide your best apps. Let’s have a look some best app and its feature.

List of free and best parental control apps in 2020

1. bit guardian parental control

This is best app for parenting because lots of people like this app. this app available in various countries also. Why people like this app because it’s come with lots of feature which is helpful in parenting. This app provided you extra layer of protection to secure your child. Here you need to create account in parent mobile and same app you can install in your kids for tracking all the actives.

The best feature of bit guardian app

  • You can block any application from your child device.
  • Here you get option for restricted to download any app from play store which means that it doesn’t allowed to download any app from play store.
  • Best feature is that SOS alert, whenever your children getting problem once they click, the app send you alert.
  • It’s also allowing you to block any call form kid phone.
  • So this is cool feature of this app you have to try must this app.

2. Baby tracker.

This is also one of the best apps that amaze you. Its nice app for your baby care and growth. This app track so many activities like breast feeding, baby sleep, baby diaper and may more. Best feature of app that can track feed status according to breastfeed to baby. so you can understand feeding status according to per day. It has easy interface so we can use easily.

Best feature Baby tracker app

  • Breast feeding tracker is available which is helping you more.
  • its calculate all data according baby activity.
  • Baby diaper tracker means that it also provided your all data when you had change diaper of baby.
  • Apart from that lot of feature available in this app so this is second best and free of cost parenting app available in android.

3. Baby gogo parenting

Now this is third best parenting app because here you get feature like, you can talk with doctor regard for baby caring. This app provided you video by using that you can improve your parenting skill. You have provided lots of notes, albums where you get knowledge to improve parenting skill and care your child and be a good mother. You get parenting expert who conduct interactive sessions that are more useful children and mother.

best feature Baby tracker app

  • Best feature of this app you can ask your question to doctor and experts
  • Get so many articles which is best for parenting
  • you can find different type of video which is related to baby activity.
  • You can track height and weight as per age.

4. Waah-baby monitor app.

Waah app is good choice if you going with this app because it’s easy to use and interface is clear.one of the best feature that its detects baby cry sound and tells you why baby is crying. You need tablet and smartphone to run this app.so its best for small baby for parenting their baby.

Best feature Baby tracker app

  • It’s give idea about why baby is crying from their sound.
  • This app help you in 6 different  way according to baby cry like diapers,hunger,burp,hugging,sleepiness,
  • This app would be available on all country.
  • This app is free of cost so no need to any money.
  • You can use this app unlimited way.

5. Baby food chart

Food roll is very important for baby growth and their mind so this app work best for that reason.as name indicated its something related to food.so here you can get lots of food and recipe which is more important for health care. This app has more than 150 different food and 150 recipes crated to full fill your baby nutrition.

Best feature Baby food chart

  • You get lots of baby food recipe.
  • It’s useful for baby guide.

6. baby day book

Baby day book can track baby activity. If you worry about baby diaper and breast feeding so its app works nicely. Suppose if you want know about how many diaper got change accordingly per day so you can record this app dairy.so you get idea about how many diapers were changed. Apart from this you can track another activates also.

Best feature baby day book

  • Here you get baby breastfeeding tracker
  • baby sleeping log
  • Baby growth tracker
  • Sleeping patterns on a timeline
  • Pump log

7. Kaspersky safe kids

Someone  giving offers that buy 1 and get 1 product as free so  this app seem like same offer because  Kaspersky is well known antivirus along with parental control feature. It has all features that help to parenting of child. Like Block harmful sites and contents, manage apps, set screen-time limit and more. apart from that it can be done so many activates and its give you location of your children through map feature.so you try this app once to parenting children.

 Best feature kaspersky safe kids

  • Block harmful site and control your children
  • Here you can block bad YouTube search request
  • Set screen tile limits
  • You can get advice from child psychologists

So this all seven parenting apps for android is best work for your baby growth and enhance skill of baby.so you can try all this apps  that listed here.so just let we know us which app are you going to install in smartphone.

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