Notability Alternative for Windows – (5+) Apps Like Notability(android,Ios)

Notability is an app by which you can create handwriting notes, typing, drawings, audio and pictures. But unfortunately Notability app is only for apple user but don’t worry if you looking for some of the alternatives of the app of notability from which you can do all the tasks.

Here we are providing you some of the best notability alternatives for windows. These are ordered in the order but all the apps are genuine and great.

list of Top best  5 Notability Alternative for windows 10

1.) Microsoft OneNote 2013

Microsoft OneNote is one of the best  software that can be installed for free Microsoft One Note comes with many versions of the Office suite. This software/app is accessible on numerous platforms, encompassing Windows PC, Windows Phone, Android, Mac, and iOS devices.

It’s a great software that offers you many features. Here is the list of some features

Notability Alternative for Windows
one note
  • Allows you to Write Handwritten notes
  • Organize data in notebook
  • Access and edit notes anywhere
  • Easy Third-party integration
  • Work on Important table

2) EverNote

Evernote is one the best applications used to do the note work and is a great alternative of Notability for windows 10. Everyone is also available on iPad, Mac, iPhone, and iPod touch, Android, and for Plus accounts. By using ever note you can do lots of your work like projects, memories, write notes, attach documents, and scan images and more.

Notability Alternative for Windows
ever note

Top Features of Evernote

  • Business card scanning allows easy scanning of cards.
  • here you can do presentation
  • picture reorganization is best feature.
  • Search in PDFs and Office docs: this feature allows you to search files from all the files in just a few seconds.
  • Allows you to upload more data  Like provides up to 10 GB storage

3) Nebo Software

Nebo is great software to create notes and make presentations of drawings. This software is free and also has a premium version with many additional benefits. Nebo software is available for Android and windows. Its features will simply amaze you

Apps Like Notability
nebo software

Features of Nebo

  • make the layout yourself. Easily edit, draw, create, and remove notes and drawings.
  • Switch between pen and keyboard – allows you to add new next in the keyword and in a drawing easily. Whether it is handwritten or converted. Just simple copy and paste the text in the app.
  • no problem of short page size it expands automatically. Just keep writing the whole space is yours.
  • Draw free elements – Add an image from your gallery or click the image from the camera and simply create it using a pencil.
  • Work with smart math – Solve your calculations, make drawings and charts with high graphics.
  • Create interactive diagrams – Copy & paste fully editable illustrations to PowerPoint or as pictures to other apps.
  • Paste external text – Copy & paste an article from any app you like. Also, it allows you to add the external text anywhere inside the handwritten passages without any discomforts

4) Notion

Notion is a powerful app also the all in one app for all your notes, texts, database, drawings and other stuff. This app allows you to write, plan, collaborate and get overseen. Notion is all in one app. This program has a very great layout and is very optimized.

Apps Like Notability

Here are some of the great features of this software

  • Notes & docs simple, wonderful writing experience and provides you with 30+ media types to write and to work on.
  • Easy to find and understand the tools, layout and features. I.e fully optimized platform no need to search for a guide to use. Everything is easy to find.
  • Multipurpose good quality boards, charts and lists to work on. More space lets you to create wider drawings but no limits and size gets an increase of decrease accordingly.
  • Capture your unique workflows. All the data written, drawn, or imported is all saved on database and spreadsheets. Data is saved and can be imported at any time. It sounds safe and simple.
  • A simpler workflow for docs & tasks:-Are you also shifting from platform to platform for different tasks? If yes then Notion is here.Save your time & efforts and you team from context shifting.
  • Embed your recent tools:-Are you using designs from other tools or the economic predictions from Google sheets? Why to go there when the notion is here. Notion provides you all these benefits just in one app. Notion entrenches them all and 50+ other apps. You get features and tools of 50+ apps just in a software and yes that’s the only Notion!

5) Ghost Note: Create Notes easily!

Are you still looking for an app which can fulfill your needs? Ghost-Note is the notes app also a good alternative of notability software. Ghost Note can create easy and quality content. You can write unlimited text, with drawings, graphics, files, voice memos and many other things.

Here are some of the cool features of Ghost Note!

Apps Like Notability
ghost note
  • Easy to Save and Share Files
  • Ghost Note provides you easily switch between the different boards I.e texts, charts, drawing note etc.
  • Adjust Don’t size according to your need in just 1 click.
  • Support all different types and formats of files.
  • Huge Storage with Backup and restore features.

All the apps and software have different features and unique layouts. It depends upon your requirements which software suits best for you. There are also premium versions of all the applications which provide you with some additional and great benefits. You can choose among these apps according to your need. These were the 5 notability alternatives for windows 10.

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