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In 2020 Whatsapp application is trending mostly in all country. Whatsapp is also available on desktop mood if you want to use in your PC and computer. Which is called Whatsapp web.This Whatsapp web work like same as well WhatsApp application.by using Whatsapp web we can communicate with one person to another person via online mood.

Why we should use WhatsappWeb.

If we are talking about Whatsappweb  its not  Different  but its work on desktop mood.Here you can send and receive message like WhatsApp application. when your device is connected on desktop so all the message is sync and you can get your message in phone as well as you desktop or pc. if you are communication with your Whatsapp web platform simultaneously you can see all message in phone app as well.its might be attractive feature of Whatsapp web platform .

We are using WhatsApp web because:-

People are using Whatsappweb because it’s easy and pretty good if you are working on desktop

You can download you data like song, Pdf file, images in desktop and pc.

How to use WhatsAppWeb in pc 2020

For running  WhatsappWeb on your desktop you keep two points in your mind. Your phone should be connected on pc and your mobile data is on that time. Might be possible that people do not know about how to connect Whatsapp application on Whatsappweb.so here we guide you all steps.

1. Connect your pc via internet:

Here you need to connect your pc and mobile through intent because without internet you can’t connect.

2. Open your WhatsApp mobile application

Now open Whatsapp and you can see 3 dots click on left side of corner and where you can get whatsAppweb option. Now mobile portion is done. After that you need follow some basic another step.

3. Open your WhatsApp web on pc

Now you have to open WhatsApp web on desktop for that you can search on Google or click in this link. After that you can see one QR CODE is showing.scan it and done.

Now it’s done Whatsapp have been connected from pc. Here you can see your all message and it’s also showing in smartphone application as well.

Its also give you notification when you are connected

How to logout from WhatsApp Web

1. Once our work is done we should logout from WhatsApp Web because it’s not safe for that you again go to whatsapp application and click 3 dots. Then click on WhatsApp Web.

2. you can see all message in WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp application as well.

3. Choose logout from all devices

It’s done enjoyed…

If you don’t want to do above method for logout your account so  you get another option in WhatsApp Web  for  that you can see 3 dots on desktop web.

Click on 3 dots and scroll and you see logout option click and your WhatsApp Web is logout.

Whatsapp web is working good same like Whatsapp application and easy to use try once if you are reading this article first time.so if you are facing any problem so feel free to comments .if you like this share with your friends

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